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Solomon Water & Energy Efficiency and Self-Generation Plan

This technical assistance advances the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Clean water and sanitation

Clean water and sanitation

Affordable and clean energy

Affordable and clean energy

Climate action

Climate action


The Solomon Islands are already experiencing the impacts of climate change and are vulnerable to further climatic changes. Climate change, population growth and movement to provincial centres will increase the need for water treatment, wastewater collection and new water sources. The Solomon Islands Government is initiating measures to enhance the country’s energy efficiency and decrease its reliance on fossil fuels through renewable energy. Solomon Islands Water Authority has not yet similarly assessed and prioritized implementation projects in energy efficiency and self-generation. 

Requested CTCN Assistance

Identify viable and sustainable options to reduce Solomon Islands Water Authority use of and expenditure of energy:

  • Undertake energy audits, analyze energy efficiency and self-generation options
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the technical and financial feasibility
  • Develop the business case for recommonded actions
  • Prepare preliminary design and development of a technical specification to facilitate implementation

Expected Results

  • Detailed feasibility study and tender documents with the technical specifications for the most prospective actions to facilitate procurement
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