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Improving Urban Transport for Key Municipalities in Bhutan: Capacity Building

This technical assistance advances the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Sustainable cities and communities

Sustainable cities and communities

Climate action

Climate action

This Technology Transfer Advances Bhutan's


The transport sector accounts for Bhutan's highest energy-related GHG emissions, totaling 44% of all energy related emissions and over 7% from the sector in the overall GHG emissions. Bad road quality and a difficult terrain, which hinders road expansion, creates challengs to managing transport. A stakeholder’s consultation during Bhutan's Technology Needs Assessment Project, recommended the use of advanced technologies as a part of the potential solution.

Requested CTCN Response

  • Preparation of Mobility Plan for Thimphu City
  • Detailed Project Report for Intelligent Transport System (ITS) implementation in Thimphu
  • Building Professional Capacities on Managing and Operating ITS
  • Pilot of ITS for Thimphu

Relevant Technologies and Approaches

Expected Results

  • Officials and managers would have enhanced their knowledge and skills in public transport management and use of ITS
  • Reduction in GHG emissions due to improved public transport and increased ridership- greater level of mode switching from harmful modes to more cleaner modes of transport
  • Enhance co-benefits in terms of reduction in local air pollutants, noise pollution and road crashes
  • Enhanced understanding of transport officials in public transport management
  • Enhanced understanding of private bus operators in public transport operations
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