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Improvement of water supply management through GIS-based monitoring and control system for water loss reduction

This technical assistance advances the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Clean water and sanitation

Clean water and sanitation

Affordable and clean energy

Affordable and clean energy

Climate action

Climate action

This Technology Transfer Advances Grenada's

  • Nationally Determined Contribution and its third adaptation priority of improving water resource management, stating that "the management of water resources, like that of the coastal environment is crucial to the long term development of Grenada as a nation". 


As a small island developing state, Grenada is one of the world’s most at-risk countries for climate change. The island experienced two major drought events in 2010 and 2012 which significantly affected the water supply and decreased during the peak time up to 75% of normal production of certain water supply systems in Grenada. Grenada seeks to improve its limited technical resources in regard to its capacities for the establishment of a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) -based monitoring and control system for water loss reduction and leakage detection with the aim to efficiently and effectively reduce the currently high levels of Non Revenue Water (NRW).

Requested CTCN Response

  • Develop planning and communication documents
  • Establish a GIS data structure and procedures
  •  Build capacities of the staff to update the GIS database.
  • Pilot the updated structure in District Metered Areas (DMA) for identifying NRW
  • Organize a regional South-South exchange event

Relevant Technologies and Approaches

Expected Results

Better understanding of the reasons for losses in the water system and the factors that influence these losses

  • Due to improved management systems and data and information flow, faster response times for providing solutions in case of leakage, etc.
  • Support for preventive mainatenance and exchange of pipelines 
  • Skill development of technical staff in terms of improved knowledge about techniques and procedures 
  • Promotion of climate smart water services & water resources management approaches
  • Enhanced data managment in the water sector

Project documents