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Development of Product Standard & Comparative Labeling of "Electric Injera Mitad"

This technical assistance advances the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Affordable and clean energy

Affordable and clean energy

Reduced inequalities

Reduced inequalities

Climate action

Climate action


Injera is a thin pancake, a leavened bread which can be made either of Teff, Corn, Sorghum and/or Millet and is the staple food by most Ethiopians. Injera is baked using clay plate of diameter 40-60 cm called Mitad, using either of biomass, fire wood, cow dung, leaves, saw dust and electrical power as source of energy. Injera Mitads are the most prevalent and energy-intensive appliances used in Ethiopia and contribute to the bulk of the electrical energy consumption and power demand of the Domestic Tariff group. By implementing an energy efficiency standard and labelling program, It is estimated that Ethiopia could generate energy savings and contribute to significant GHG emissions.

Assistance Requested

  • Identification of appropriate testing facilities , procurement and setup
  • Availing similar products standards and testing protocol
  • Project staff capacity building and experience sharing
  • Development of Energy Efficient electric Injera Mitad Prototype product

Relevant Technologies and Approaches

  • Appliance standards
  • Energy labelling

Expected Benefits

This project focuses on standardization and comparative labeling of this indigenous product, which had been used for centuries and highly tight to the cultures of many Ethiopian societies. Therefore, standardizing this product brings technological upgrading of the product without affecting traditional values of the societies. The comparative labeling program combats the energy efficiency problems associated with this product. Therefore, implementation of this project has big impact both on product standard, energy efficiency, GHG emission reduction and Climate Change mitigation.

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