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Development of low-emission mobility policies and financing proposal

This technical assistance advances the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Affordable and clean energy

Affordable and clean energy

Sustainable cities and communities

Sustainable cities and communities

Climate action

Climate action

This Technology Transfer Advances Cambodia's

  • Nationally Determined Contribution to  reduce 27% of emissions below BAU by 2030 and improve operation and maintenance of vehicles through motor vehicle inspection and eco-driving, and the increased use of hybrid cars, electric vehicles and bicycles.


Cambodia's reliance on road transport has increased alongside the country's economic development. Cambodia mainly relies on fossil fuel vehicles and most vehicles are second hand. With the rise in the number of vehicles on the road and the fuel composition of Cambodia's energy mix, there have been concerns raised about the emissions and air quality degradation in urban areas in the country.

Cambodia has requested help in accelerating a transformation to cleaner and efficient mobility systems in the country and to contribute significantly to Cambodia's efforts in achieving its NDC goals. In order to successfully transition to a low-emission pathway, the country has to address a number of barriers including lack of information; policy and planning barriers; institutional capacity barriers; investment and market barriers; and economic barriers.

CTCN Support

  • Create a policy action plan for low-emission vehicle policy options to reduce emissions and energy use from the road transport sector
  • Assist Cambodia in developing strategies, action plans, and proposals to access global funds to develop a comprehensive low-emissions transport project

Expected Impact

  • An overview of the transport situation in Cambodia including key policies and challenges
  • A strategy and policy action plan for clean and more efficient mobility in Cambodia. Assistance will be also delivered to develop a low-emissions mobility project proposal that can be submitted to development banks and global environment funds with a focus on introducing electric mobility in Cambodia
  • The project will also serve the vulnerable population including women, the elderly and children which will enjoy the impact on health and safety from the improved transport system
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