Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Active Technical Assistance

Date of submission Title Sort descending Countries Objective Sectors Phase
Accreditation of Energy Efficiency Lighting Laboratory Jordan Mitigation Energy efficiency Completed
Assessment of direct utilization opportunities for geothermal resources Kenya Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Human health, Industry, Marine and Fisheries Design
Assessment of Suitable Flood Mitigation Measures in Tbilisi Georgia Adaptation Early warning and Environmental assessment Completed
Biogas Feasibility Study in Tonga Tonga Mitigation Agriculture, Renewable energy Implementation
Building capacity for climate change science Eswatini Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Completed
Building capacity for the Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (ELCA) Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of Mitigation Carbon fixation and abatement Design
Capacity assessment on local grid integration of solar or renewable energy Cambodia Mitigation Renewable energy Implementation
Capacity building in Timor-Leste's renewable energy sector Timor-Leste Mitigation Renewable energy Implementation
Climate resilient decision making methods for Lake Victoria Uganda Adaptation Water Completed
Cost-benefit assessment of mitigation options in rice production for Vietnam Viet Nam Mitigation Agriculture Implementation
Design and financing for crop drying and storage technologies to strengthen food security in the face of climate change Mali Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture and forestry Completed
Developing a Climate-Smart Agriculture Manual for Agriculture Education in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Adaptation Agriculture and forestry Completed
Developing a power to gas masterplan in Lao PDR Laos Mitigation Renewable energy Implementation
Developing methodology and capacity for monitoring climate change and its impacts on agriculture in Sudan Sudan Adaptation Agriculture and forestry, Early warning and Environmental assessment Implementation
Development of a certification course for energy managers and energy auditors of Bangladesh Bangladesh Mitigation Energy efficiency Completed
Development of a geothermal direct use project in PK20 Ambado Djibouti Adaptation, Mitigation Renewable energy Design
Development of a geothermal direct use project in Uganda Uganda Adaptation, Mitigation Renewable energy Design
Development of a methodological framework for incorporating ecosystem-based adaptation in the process of planning and management of protected areas in Peru Peru Adaptation Agriculture and forestry Completed
Development of an institutional framework for the installment, use and management of solar PV systems in the Gambia Gambia Mitigation Renewable energy Design
Development of energy audit and reporting guidelines for calculation of the emission factors for fossil fuel power plants Viet Nam Mitigation Energy efficiency Design
Development of geothermal direct use projects for Kiejo-Mbaka prospect Tanzania Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture, Early warning and Environmental assessment, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Waste management Design
Development of Kurunegala as a climate smart city (mitigation element) Sri Lanka Mitigation Energy efficiency, Infrastructure and Urban planning, Transport Implementation
Establishment of an Environmental Information System Côte d’Ivoire Adaptation Cross-sectoral Completed
Feasibility study for low emission land transport sector in Vanuatu Vanuatu Mitigation Transport Design
Feasibility study for sustainable land transport in Nauru Nauru Mitigation Energy efficiency, Transport Implementation
Hydrodynamic modelling for flood reduction and climate resilient infrastructure development pathways in Jakarta Indonesia Adaptation Infrastructure and Urban planning Completed
Identification, Characterization and exploitation of Potential Offshore Sand Banks/Deposits Mauritius Adaptation Coastal zones Completed
Identification of the most suitable direct use applications and technologies in low to medium temperature geothermal systems in six African countries Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda Mitigation Implementation
Improvement of water supply management through GIS-based monitoring and control system for water loss reduction Grenada Adaptation Water Completed
Improving Capacity for Recycling of Waste & Organic Materials Gambia Mitigation Waste management Completed
Improving resiliency of crops to drought through strengthened early warning within Ghana Ghana Adaptation Early warning and Environmental assessment Completed
Mobilization of financial resources for deploying adaptation technologies Guinea Adaptation Cross-sectoral Completed
Ocean Energy Technical Pre-Feasibility Study Nauru Mitigation Renewable energy Design
Preparing an integrated flood management plan for Dungsumchu Basin in Samdrupjongkhar Bhutan Adaptation Early warning and Environmental assessment Completed
Promoting data for climate change, drought and flood management in Myanmar Myanmar Adaptation Cross-sectoral Completed
Revision of draft Tonga Energy Efficiency Master Plan (TEEMP) Tonga Mitigation Infrastructure and Urban planning, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Transport, Waste management Implementation
Saline water purification for households and low-cost durable housing technology for coastal areas of Bangladesh Bangladesh Adaptation Water Completed
Scaling-up sustainable wood fuel (charcoal and firewood) systems in the Pwani, Lindi and Mtwara regions of Tanzania Tanzania Mitigation Forestry Completed
Strengthening Bangkok’s Early Warning System to respond to climate induced flooding Thailand Adaptation Early warning and Environmental assessment Completed
Strengthening capacity to access international financing for Jordan’s climate technology priorities Jordan Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Completed
Support for e-mobility transition in Jakarta Indonesia Mitigation Energy efficiency, Infrastructure and Urban planning, Transport Implementation
Technical guidance and support for conducting a Technology Needs Assessment Nigeria Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Design
Technical support and guidance to conduct a Technology Needs Assessment, develop a Technology Roadmap and provide technical assistance to develop a GCF Readiness proposal Cook Islands Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Implementation
Technical support for the government in the identification of technology needs Afghanistan Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Completed
Technology development for climate resilience and efficient use of resources in the agricultural sector in Thailand Thailand Adaptation Agriculture and forestry Completed
Technology Guidance and Support for Conducting the Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) Pakistan Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Completed
Updating of Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and Technology Action Plan (TAP) for the implementation of NDC Côte d’Ivoire Adaptation, Mitigation Review
Urban briquette making pilot project Kenya Mitigation Renewable energy Implementation
Workshop on sand and dust storms (SDS) technologies to control dust storms sources with focus on degraded lands, dried up riverbeds and lakes, and plains and agricultural fields Iran Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture, Forestry, Human health, Water Implementation