Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Active Technical Assistance

Date of submission Title Sort descending Countries Objective Sectors Phase
A Community based early Warning System in every pocket from Santo Domingo, D.N. Dominican Republic Adaptation Early warning and Environmental assessment Completed
Assessment and identification of technology needs and best practices for reducing the GHG emitting potential of the energy sector in Mauritius Mauritius Mitigation Renewable energy, Energy efficiency Implementation
Assessment of the current status of the circular economy for developing a roadmap Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Paraguay Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Implementation
Biogas Feasibility Study in Tonga Tonga Mitigation Agriculture, Renewable energy Implementation
Building a circular economy and reducing emissions in the waste sector Antigua and Barbuda Adaptation, Mitigation Coastal zones, Waste management Implementation
Capacity building to develop a biological mountain corridor in los Haitises Dominican Republic Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Completed
Capacity development to address risks in coastal zones Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Palau, Solomon Islands Adaptation Coastal zones Implementation
Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Study for the Port of Port Louis Mauritius Adaptation Coastal zones Implementation
Countrywide Grid Stability Study in the Bahamas Bahamas Mitigation Infrastructure and Urban planning, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Industry, Transport Review
Developing a legal framework for waste-to-energy and recycling program Belize Mitigation Waste management Review
Developing a NAMA to leapfrog to advanced energy-efficient lighting technologies Dominican Republic Mitigation Energy efficiency Completed
Developing terms of reference for creating an Electricity Masterplan Seychelles Mitigation Renewable energy Completed
Development of a Tonga Energy Efficiency Master Plan Tonga Mitigation Energy efficiency Completed
Development of an integrated and comprehensive agroforestry policy Belize Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture and forestry Implementation
Development of baseline greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from cattle farming Cuba Mitigation Agriculture Implementation
Energy Efficiency on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sector Regulations Development options for Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Mitigation Energy efficiency Implementation
Feasibility study for sustainable land transport in Nauru Nauru Mitigation Energy efficiency, Transport Implementation
Formulating a National Electricity Grid Code for Seychelles Seychelles Mitigation Renewable energy, Energy efficiency Completed
Green Cooling Africa Initiative (GCAI) Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia Mitigation Energy efficiency Completed
Identification, Characterization and exploitation of Potential Offshore Sand Banks/Deposits Mauritius Adaptation Coastal zones Completed
Identification of a climate research agenda to include collaboration with academia Jamaica Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Implementation
Improvement of water supply management through GIS-based monitoring and control system for water loss reduction Grenada Adaptation Water Completed
Improving resilience of the education system to climate change impacts in the Eastern Caribbean region for Saint Lucia and Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia Adaptation, Mitigation Infrastructure and Urban planning Design
Ocean Energy Technical Pre-Feasibility Study Nauru Mitigation Renewable energy Design
Resilience to climate variability in the building sector of Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda Adaptation Infrastructure and Urban planning Completed
Revision of draft Tonga Energy Efficiency Master Plan (TEEMP) Tonga Mitigation Infrastructure and Urban planning, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Transport, Waste management Implementation
Technical support and guidance to conduct a Technology Needs Assessment, develop a Technology Roadmap and provide technical assistance to develop a GCF Readiness proposal Cook Islands Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Implementation
Workforce Development Strategy for Antigua and Barbuda’s Priority Energy Sectors Antigua and Barbuda Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Completed