Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Active Technical Assistance

Date of submission Sort descending Title Countries Objective Sectors Phase
Developing a Climate-Smart Agriculture Manual for Agriculture Education in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Adaptation Agriculture and forestry Completed
Piloting rapid uptake of industrial energy efficiency and efficient water utilisation in selected sectors in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Mitigation Energy efficiency Completed
Strengthening Capacities to Assess Climate Change Vulnerability and Impacts to Shape Investments in Adaptation Technology for Azerbaijan’s Mountain Regions Azerbaijan Adaptation Cross-sectoral Completed
Identification of Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Armenia Adaptation, Mitigation Energy efficiency, Industry Completed
Building capacity for climate change science Eswatini Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Completed
Development of a Regional Efficient Appliance and Equipment Strategy in Southern Africa Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Eswatini, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe Mitigation Energy efficiency Completed
Application of environmental flows and river basin management framework for the Tebicuary river basin Paraguay Adaptation Water Completed
Development of draft legislation guidelines for a climate change act for Botswana Botswana Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Implementation
Leapfrogging Zimbabwe’s market to energy-efficient refrigerators and distribution transformers Zimbabwe Mitigation Energy efficiency Design
Leapfrogging Eswatini’s market to energy-efficient refrigerators and distribution transformers Eswatini Mitigation Energy efficiency Design
Assessment of the current status of the circular economy for developing a roadmap Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Paraguay Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Implementation
Strengthening the National Disaster Management Agency’s (NDMA) capacity’s application of UAV and Remote sensing technology for vulnerability assessments and response planning Eswatini Adaptation Agriculture Design
The Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and Technology Action Plans (TAPs) for the Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyzstan Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture, Carbon fixation and abatement, Early warning and Environmental assessment, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Forestry, Human health, Industry, Infrastructure and Urban planning, Transport, Waste management, Water Review
Developing a national framework for deploying and scaling up e-mobility Zimbabwe Mitigation Coastal zones, Energy efficiency, Infrastructure and Urban planning, Transport Design
The Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and Technology Action Plans (TAPs) for Republic of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Adaptation, Mitigation Review
Development of climate change adaptation strategy for Buir Lake Mongolia Adaptation Water Design
Developing circular economy roadmaps for abating GHG emissions from the waste sector Zimbabwe Mitigation Waste management Design
Technical guidance and support to conduct a technology needs assessment and a technology action plan for Paraguay Paraguay Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Design