Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Active Technical Assistance

Date of submission Sort descending Title Countries Objective Sectors Phase
Design of a National Network for Monitoring Ecosystem Resilience in the Face of Climate Change Chile Adaptation Cross-sectoral Completed
Establishment of an Environmental Information System Côte d’Ivoire Adaptation Cross-sectoral Completed
Identification and prioritization of technologies to address water scarcity and climate change impacts in Namibia Namibia Adaptation Water Completed
Development of a methodological framework for incorporating ecosystem-based adaptation in the process of planning and management of protected areas in Peru Peru Adaptation Agriculture and forestry Completed
City Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Identification of Ecosystem-based Adaptation Intervention Laos Adaptation Cross-sectoral Completed
Technical support to formulate a National Agroforestry Policy for Nepal Nepal Adaptation Agriculture and forestry Completed
Strengthening Capacities to Assess Climate Change Vulnerability and Impacts to Shape Investments in Adaptation Technology for Azerbaijan’s Mountain Regions Azerbaijan Adaptation Cross-sectoral Implementation
Assessment of Suitable Flood Mitigation Measures in Tbilisi Georgia Adaptation Early warning and Environmental assessment Completed
Building Capacity in Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Mountain Regions Georgia Adaptation Cross-sectoral Design
Capacity building to develop a biological mountain corridor in los Haitises Dominican Republic Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Completed
Cost-benefit assessment of mitigation options in rice production for Vietnam Viet Nam Mitigation Agriculture Implementation
Design of a knowledge management system for tropical forests management and ecosystem services Costa Rica Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture and forestry Implementation
Design of an ecological response and restoration platform against fires for the Chilean silvo-farming sector Chile Adaptation Agriculture and forestry Completed
Development of geothermal direct use projects for Kiejo-Mbaka prospect Tanzania Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture, Early warning and Environmental assessment, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Waste management Design
Assessment of direct utilization opportunities for geothermal resources Kenya Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Human health, Industry, Marine and Fisheries Design
Conducting a Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and a Technology Action Plan (TAP) for the implementation of NDCs Congo, The Democratic Republic of the Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Review
Formulation of Kenya’s ten year national agroforestry strategy (2020 – 2030) Kenya Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture and forestry Implementation
The Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and Technology Action Plans (TAPs) for the Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyzstan Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture, Carbon fixation and abatement, Early warning and Environmental assessment, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Forestry, Human health, Industry, Infrastructure and Urban planning, Transport, Waste management, Water Review